Continuing Education and Competency Program

CMTPEI registrants will be required to write the online Jurisprudence Exam as a requirement for the renewal of registration for this year only (registration renewal 2022). The CEC program presented here will be launched in May 2022 for completion of the 2023 registration renewal.

Recent registrants who have paid to write the ONLINE version of the Jurisprudence Exam will not be required to re-write the exam as a requirement of renewal for 2022. All others, including registrants that have written the short paper version will be required to write the ONLINE version of the Jurisprudence Exam as a requirement for the 2022 renewal.

The Continuing Education and Competency program (CEC) is a formal process of assessing the ongoing knowledge, skills, and judgment of RMTs which make up the College registrants. It is a quality assurance mechanism implemented to ensure registrants are competent in their respective practice. The program contributes to the College's objective to protect the public interest. Some key items to keep in mind:

  • CEC is a mandatory component of the annual renewal of registration.
  • Every registrant who holds a CMTPEI certificate of registration is expected to participate in or be compliant with the program requirements annually.
  • Registrants not compliant with the program may be ineligible for a certificate of registration to practice as a Massage Therapist in Prince Edward Island.
  • Compliance is determined through a review of the annual learning plan.

The Continuing Education and Competency program has four components:

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. Learning Plan
  3. Reflective Practice
  4. Audit

CEC - The Annual Process

One of the easiest ways of meeting the CEC program requirements is to time the development, implementation, and reflection around your annual registration renewal. Below is an outline to assist you in that process.


  • Complete a self-assessment of your individual competence
  • Review last year's learning plan (if applicable)


  • Identify two (2) learning goals for the coming year
  • Establish a time frame for completing your learning goal
  • Describe why you consider the learning goals to be relevant to your massage practice
  • Outline what you will do to meet your learning goal
  • Clarify how you will help improve your practice and client outcomes
  • Begin the process of implementing your learning plan


  • Identify what you have learned by meeting your learning goal and
  • Reflect upon your success, thinking about how your practice and client outcomes have improved as a result of completing the learning plan

Repeat the process each year