Complaint and Reporting Process

Our Mission

The mission of the College of Massage Therapists of Prince Edward Island (CMTPEI) is to regulate the practice of massage therapy in the province so as to promote a high standard and safeguard the welfare of the public with regard to massage therapy services. This means our primary purpose is to protect and serve public interest in all matters relating to the practice of massage therapy. This is accomplished through setting and maintaining standards for massage therapists ensuring that patients receive quality patient care. All practicing massage therapists are required to be registered with the College of Massage Therapists of PEI.

Complaints and Discipline Overview

If you feel that a massage therapist practicing in PEI has conducted himself or herself improperly, you may file a complaint in writing. The College will oversee complaints about a wide range of professional conduct, competence, and ethical issues.

The College can only take action against massage therapists with regard to professional matters. If you have a complaint involving a health care provider other than a massage therapist, please contact the respective regulatory authority. The College also cannot resolve monetary or business-related issues such as fees and related financial issues and insurance/billing problems.

After a complaint form is submitted to CMTPEI, the Registrar reviews the complaint and may attempt to informally resolve if the Registrar considers informal resolution to be appropriate and not contrary to the public interest. The Registrar may dismiss the complaint, or forward the complaint, if the complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved, to the Investigation committee. An Investigator(s) will gather information and will consider the allegations and the evidence of the complaint and submit a report to the Investigation Committee. The Investigation Committee consists of at least one Council member as well as one public representative. The Investigation Committee may make one of three decisions within 30 days of receiving the file:

  • Dismiss the complaint,
  • Forward the complaint to a mediator for mediation, or
  • Forward the complaint to the hearing committee.

A Hearing Committee will determine, through a formal process, if the massage therapist is guilty of professional misconduct or professional incompetence. You may attend the hearing and may be asked to testify at the hearing.

The disciplinary process can be found in Part VI of the PEI Regulated Health Professions Act .

If you have any questions concerning the complaint process, require assistance, or would like to speak with College staff before filing a complaint, please contact us.

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